Other goodies at Chiarafonte

Free wifi and free broadband internet for all guests.

Climate. Since Chiarafonte B&B is 210 m over sea level and 150 m higher than Florence, summer is very enjoyable: it’s warm all day but cool at night - very different from Florence downtown!

Nature. Chiarafonte is a no-hunting area, surrounded by a wood in which flows a stream and by fields easily practicable by walk. So it’s no surprise to know that there are plenty of wild animals: fallow deers, rabbits, squirrels, pheasants, crabs (really :-) - they live in the stream and sometimes they cross the wild). It’s easy to watch them: in Chiarafonte you will experience a full immersion into nature.

Check out the photo album!

Warm hospitality. Vera and Massimo will let you feel at home, and will help you get the most out of your stay in Chiarafonte, without being pushy :-) .